Clients & Case Studies

Our unique approach to a more holistic and collaborative marketing and media plan has led to the success for our clients.  Read our case studies and contact us to start your successful campaign.

National Clients

Case Study #1: Rack Room Shoes

They were interested in developing brand awareness towards mothers with children in the home. They also wanted to generate traffic to the 400+ stores across the country but use additional mediums beyond print and radio.

We identified an opportunity to increase traffic to their stores using online and mobile coupons. We developed a campaign that displayed brands and their “BOGO” promotion. Through opt-in online and mobile coupons we helped to increase their customer database by over 20%.

Exposure to the website tripled during the months of the campaign and coupon redemption saw it’s highest increase during that time mainly due to mobile coupons. Through the help of traditional media and the addition of online and mobile media, Rack Room Shoes had a 15% increase in sales during the same time the previous year while their competitors showed losses.

Case Study #2: Biosphere Medical

Biosphere Medical specializes in fibrosis treatment and partners with local clinics to promote seminars and awareness. Their objective was to increase awareness of their procedures to African American Women 35+ and increase attendance at events discussing Fibrosis.

They approached us about a media campaign that would help accomplish their objective but could be put together in a matter of days. They needed maximum flexibility. We looked at their markets and current campaigns and decided radio would accomplish both. We evaluated stations based on their index towards their demo, their overall delivery, their value based on rating points, and their flexibility in changing schedules in a days notice.

We achieved the desired results of the campaign by increasing both attendance to events and inquiries by over 20%.

Case Study #3: KB Homes

They were having issues selling their pre-built inventory homes. In selected communities they had 56 that needed to be sold by the end of their fiscal year.

We evaluated their budgets and how they were spending their advertising dollars. Once we realized they were spreading their dollars over too many mediums we were able to narrow down their buys. Instead of spreading the dollars over two months we did a very heavy campaign and sale for two weeks.

We not only saved them $7500 on their media we were able to help them sell 52 of their 56 inventory homes in two weeks.

Local and Regional Clients

Case Study #1: Advanced Dentistry

Their objective was to have more efficient radio buys placed so they could free up some of their current advertising dollars to launch a television campaign. They were opening a new practice in Blakeney to go along with their current practice in Matthews. They were interested in mainly advertising in the proximity of their offices.

We were able to come in and re-organize their buys from rotator spots that missed their target to effective buys that immediately saw results. We were able to reach the high-end female cosmetic customers with a higher reach and frequency for $4500 less a month. We then re-invested that money in to a cable buy of South Mecklenburg County, which helped them target their high-end customers using specific networks and programming.

The results have been extremely positive. They have dramatically increased their customer base and have not had to spend any extra money on advertising.

Case Study #2: Johnson and Wales

Their objective was to focus on their business school without alienating their main focus of culinary.

They were currently focusing their buying and creative efforts towards parents. We executed a plan that focused more on the student and their high level of graduation rate after college. By using testimonials from current students, and placing their ads in new mediums such as cable and cinema advertising we were able to target a whole new market.

One of our best success stories as enrollment increased over 20% during a time when an expensive education wasn’t in high demand or easy for people to obtain financial aid.

Case Study #3: Aeroflow Healthcare

Their objective was to expand their efforts regionally. As a local home healthcare provider they were looking to strengthen their share in their home market and use that to branch out to other markets.

We shifted their focus to direct response television and were able to track results using local numbers. We also were able to purchase more by re-negotiating their buys.

After three years they are currently servicing eight markets and have doubled their budgets six times. In addition to adding other product lines they were able to gain market share during an unstable economy.

Case Study #4: Tom Johnson Camping Center

Their objective was to find new markets and new buyers during the biggest downturn in RV history. The customers buying $250,000+ RV’s had diminished significantly.

We were able to evaluate their current customers and identify new ones. We adapted schedules from an adult 55+ demographic to Adults 21-49 targeting specifically men with families. In addition we were able to buy their media more effectively, which allowed them to save money and add in other markets in other states.

As a result sales of towables, motor homes, and trailers increased. This not only allowed them to sell more volume to help compensate for the loss of higher end sales it also created a younger loyal customer who will keep coming back to upgrade.