In Home Advertising

Calling something traditional can make it sound sophisticated but outdated. The term we like to use is established. That’s not to say that some mediums time have certainly passed. We can’t make a realistic argument for the yellow pages anymore.

The way we look at media buying in the traditional sense is to look at these established mediums as how they still effect people’s buying decisions. We feel the best way to segment established mediums is In Home and Out of Home.

People make different buying decisions at different times using different devices so you have to make sure your message works for people where they are and when the time is right for them to buy.

There’s no doubt you need both traditional and digital sources to accomplish this but let’s look at these established mediums that will be integral to your marketing success.

In Home

We realize a lot of decisions are made online at home but having these items can help push people to your online content and help them feel comfortable with their buying decision.


Nothing is in more transition than TV. Especially local TV. There’s even some arguments that people are consuming more commercials because they turn to their phones during a commercial break VS fast forwarding through the DVR. This allows an advertiser to hit them at two places on two different screens.

“Two Screens” has been a popular term for a while. This means people are looking at a tablet or mobile phone while watching TV. This can be a great way to convert people who saw a TV ad.

Like everything we do at The Media Shops we base buying decisions off of demographics and geography so for your demo in your area let us help you find out if TV is still a great choice for you.


A 2016 Pew Research Study showed that 36% of consumers are still relying on printed newspapers for their news. We are certainly aware that these numbers have dropped but there’s still a place for newspapers in your media buys.

Newspapers are one of the last places where people still feel comfortable reading long form content. This leaves an opportunity for the right business to deliver their message. Combining the print version and digital version of a newspaper provides a great value for an advertiser.

Contact us to learn more about how print and digital newspapers can be effective for your business.


One of the most effective ways for a local business to reach an audience in their area is with a local weekly newspaper or magazine. These printed pieces are generally delivered to the home and have high readership based on the focus of local events, people, and businesses.

Contact us to learn more about opportunities in your area and how to get the best value buy from a local weekly.


You can certainly place an insert in your local newspaper which can be effective if you’re looking for a consumer to hang on to the ad. When we look at inserts we focus primarily on the opportunities to deliver those weekly inserts to the mailbox. These advertising wraps are a great source to reach a value based consumer.

There are numerous sources for these inserts and range in price so contact us to help make sure you’re getting the best value.


Numerous sources are reporting big gains for magazine readership over the past few years. We understand digital has made a big impact. Putting together an effective digital and printed magazine buy means you can target your consumers with content they are seeking out.

Whether your a national or local business, there are great opportunities with magazines. Contact us to help you put together an effective buy in magazine. Our buyers have saved businesses over 40% in the past.

Direct Mail

No medium has made a stronger comeback than direct mail. Direct Mail has become more efficient, more hyper-local, and more targeted. In an age where inboxes are inundated daily with new offers for almost anything, the personal touch of direct mail helps to distinguish your brand from others.

Direct Mail is a huge part of what we do to reach consumers in home. Please check out our direct mail page to learn about our process and pricing. Our exclusive postcards start as low as 29 cents!

Contact Us to find out more and what opportunities are available in your area.