Mobile Marketing

So this is it. This is where the rubber meets the pavement. Today, three out of four Americans use their mobile devices to access the internet than from traditional desktops or laptops.The mobile revolution is here, and it’s an absolute must for every advertiser no matter the size of your business.

Whether playing games, checking in on social media or catching up on world events,your customers are increasingly active on their mobile devices. A solid mobile strategy is a critical piece of a successful marketing campaign.

Tried and true or new and improved. We know the mobile space…

Mobile Marketing Options

Mobile Display Ads

Common and highly effective. According to a recent study, spending on mobile display ads will outpace other forms of digital marketing in 2016. These types of ads come in many forms. Most are banners at the bottom of a page or they can be pop-ups as you get to your content.
Mobile display ads are highly effective for driving brand awareness and getting people to click to your content. You can use static image ads, flash ads, or even video to help influence a click.


As far as engaging customers I can’t think of a better medium. More than 97% of texts are read within minutes of receipt. This is hard to ignore.
The best way to accomplish this is to let us help you build out a database by giving you a lead capture through keywords. “Text flowers to 12345”
We can then deliver texts to them at appropriate times. “Mothers day is in six days. Use this coupon to receive 25% off flowers for your mom!”
This is a great way to develop customer loyalty and keep in touch with your customers.

Mobile Apps and Games

Forrester Research found that 46 percent of mobile users use games on a daily basis, and most users prefer apps that include ads instead of paying a purchase fee.
So, if you’ve ever been sitting there getting your oil changed and the person sitting across from you starts twisting and turning their phone, they’re more than likely playing a game. ? You think they’re just checking email but you know what they’re up to.
People engage in free online games and apps because they would rather see ads than pay a subscription fee. Knowing that, engaging them through banner ads can get them to the content or promotion that will make them a customer.

Mobile Click to Call

Marketing to your customer…right on their phone…and you don’t use click to call? It seems like a no-brainer, right?
Do you want to drive engagement with your brand?
Do you want to be known for great customer service?
How about generating more leads?
I’m sure you answered yes to all of those.
A google study shows that nearly half of all searchers will explore other brands when a business doesn’t provide a phone number with a search. Don’t miss out on half of your customers.
Similar to traditional PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, click to call campaigns are designed to encourage users to call the advertiser, rather than click on an ad that will re-direct them to a landing page.